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Dr. Tharun Mallegowda is one of the top dentists recognized in J P Nagar, Bangalore. He is recognized for offering the best quality dental care. In addition, Amruth Dental Care calls in the senior-most specialists as their consultants. We focus more on preventive child dental care. The residents living here believe that Amruth Dental Care is the most affordable dental clinic in JP Nagar, Bangalore. If you are looking for all the dental specialties under one roof, then look no further than Amruth Dental Care.


Furthermore, all the doctors at Amruth Dental care work very well with the entire family. Our doctors focus on preventive dental procedures for children


Feel free to take look at our reviews to know more about the quality, cost and satisfaction we provide to our customers.

Our dental clinic has world-class equipment for your safety during COVID. Our dentists provide you with Digital X-Ray Machines and Lasers that are used for painless dental procedures.

Dental Clinic In Bangalore, Karnataka

For everyone residing in and around J P Nagar Bangalore, the most preferred dental provider is Amruth Dental Care. Here you will find a combination of specialists and technology to provide fantastic dental care procedures.

Amruth Dental Care in JP Nagar, Bangalore is located very close to vega city mall and is easily accessible to everyone.   The clinic is located in a homely environment and is is perfect for children and elderly people.

Our Services

A Root Canal is a treatment procedure that involves removing the infected pulp in a tooth.


Dental X-rays radiographic images of your teeth that your dentist will take to assess your dental concern.

Dentures are removable replacement for missing teeth. They can be partial or complete dentures.

A dental implant is a more advanced tooth replacement procedure for people with one or more missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty  that involves different types of procedures  that improves the appearance of teeth.

Orthodontic treatment deals with the treatment of malaligned teeth with braces


Periodontics focusing particularly on gum diseases.


Crowns and bridges are the most affordable type of fixed teeth replacement procedures.

What to know about our dentist?

Amruth dental care can be compared to any world-class dental clinic in Bangalore. The equipments used are from the latest RVG x rays. All the materials uses are from branded companies like 3M, Dentsply, Ivoclar and more. We are attached t7o the best dental labs in Bangalore for Ceramic Crowns, Zirconia Crowns and BPS Dentures. 

 You can contact us for a tooth filling to a full mouth dental implant procedure. We do smile design with veneers. Our Dental implants are placed by our expert dentists.
The clinic has a  well-equipped emergency support team to handle all kinds of emergency dental care. 
Dr. Tharun is an expert in  Single Visit Root Canal Treatment ,and  Zirconia Bridges,  ALL THE Aesthetic Ceramic Crowns & BPS  Dentures are done with the best dental labs in Bangalore city.


We provide high end Dental Implants and Braces & Aligners to correct malocclusion. There is always a  continuous flow of patients who visit us for a Smile Makeover and  Advanced Gum Treatment. 

Moreover we practice preventive Pediatric Dentistry and  run a follow up treatment protocols for Oral Cancer Rehabilitation

Common Enquiries Asked About A Dentist

Do All Dentists perform Dental implant surgery procedures?

Most of the instances it is the Oral Surgeon or Periodontists who perform Dental implant surgery procedures. There are of course some general dentists who have done an advanced certified course in  dental implants surgery. These certified dentists can also place very good dental implants.

Should I contact a dentist for bad breath?

Yes, it is always good to consult a dentist for any oral health related concerns. Your Dentist will give you different treatment options that will help to minimize  or cure the bad breath.

​Is it a good practice to take prior appointments for Dentist consultation?

Some dentists accept walk in consultation. Yes at Amruth Dental Care Bangalore it is always good to take prior appointments to save waiting time.

What are the must reasons one should consult a Dentist?

It is a must to consult your nearby Dentist if you are suffering from any of the following conditions:

Severe Or Mild Tooth Pain

Yellow Teeth

If your tooth is chipped due to any trauma

A Cracked tooth needs immediate attention.

If you are teeth are Sensitive to cold or hot foods.

When the Gaps between teeth are causing food impaction.

What are the procedures performed by a specialist Dentist ?

A specialist Dentist can perform the following procedures:

Dental implant for fixed teeth replacement

Root canal treatment to save infected teeth

Surgical Extraction Of An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Take Biopsies to check for different oral lesions 

Dental Fillings for decayed teeth

Dental Bridges to replace missing teeth

Gum surgery for periodontal conditions

Jaw surgery to treat fractures

Can medicines taken in a pharmacy to cure my toothache?

Tooth pain is not an infection which can be cured by medicines. Yes over the counter medicines like ibuprofen can only give temporarily relief. But one must consult the dentist to check for the actual source of the infection. Your dentist will diagnose the actual reason causing your toothache and do a complete  treatment plan.

[NOTE:- Before using any Over The Counter medicines, pleases have a phone or online discussion with your family doctor]

what are the various reasons to visit a dentist?

Smile correction – It involves the whitening of teeth and removal of the dis- coloration of teeth leaving the teeth aesthetically appealing and giving us a wealth of benefits such as fast treatments, though each case is truly unique contributing to different oral problems of the patient. The time span for this treatment ranges anywhere between 2 hours to 3 years.

Teeth Whitening – is quite useful if you have dental enamel stains from smoking, drinking soft or fizzy drinks and high sugar beverages. A chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and water will wash away the stains from the dental enamel.

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